Custom Build Kit Process

Custom Build Kit Process

In the bustling digital world where personal touch often fades into the background, Cape Town-based company, cSixx Components, is redefining the way cyclists connect with their passion. Their story begins with Craig, an avid cyclist and social media enthusiast, scrolling through his feed. Amidst the usual array of posts, Craig's attention is captured by a vibrant display of custom bike components from cSixx. Intrigued, he clicks through to their website, embarking on a journey that's about to add a unique flair to his cycling experience.

Upon landing on our cSixx website, Craig finds himself in a realm of customisation, where cyclist's dream of personalising their bike becomes a reality. Here, he discovers the 'Custom Build Kit' section – a user-friendly space where choices unfold like a tailored adventure. With a few clicks, Craig selects components for his bike, each offering a choice of base and highlight colours. His selections include a stem, quick cap, headset spacer, dropper lever, seat post clamp, on-frame storage, chainring, chain guide, derailleur cage, and pulley wheels. Each component, a promise of quality and uniqueness, is made locally in Cape Town, reflecting the company's commitment to local craftsmanship.

As Craig completes his selection, he sends an inquiry through the website. This triggers a warm, personalized response from the cSixx team, ensuring that every detail of Craig's custom kit is perfect for his bike. The conversation isn't just about confirming sizes and colours; it's about understanding Craig's needs, his style of riding, and his aspirations as a cyclist. This human-centric approach sets cSixx apart in an age where digital interactions often lack a personal touch.

The manufacturing process at cSixx is a blend of art and precision. Each component is CNC'ed and painted in-house by a team of skilled artisans. Craig receives updates throughout the week-long creation process, building anticipation and a sense of connection to the craftsmen shaping his custom kit. These updates aren't just informative; they're a narrative of the journey his bike components are undergoing – from raw materials to bespoke creations.

Finally, the day arrives when Craig's custom build kit is ready. Shipped directly to him, he has the option to take it to his local bike shop for fitting.

As Craig's bike transforms with the new components, he feels a deeper connection to his ride – each part a reflection of his personality and a testament to the craftsmanship of cSixx.

For those inspired by Craig's story, the array of customizable components awaits their creative touch. The options include:

"You are not just limited to choosing the components; you are invited to dive into a palette of colours, selecting a base colour and a highlight colour for each part. This level of customisation ensures that each bike reflects its your personality and style." 

Eager to start your own custom build journey? Click here and explore the world of possibilities. Whether you're an avid cyclist like Craig or simply looking for a unique way to enhance your ride, cSixx Components offers a personalised experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Join the community of riders who choose to stand out and express themselves through their bikes. 

The story of Craig and cSixx Components is more than just a tale of customisation; it's a narrative about the power of human connection in a digital age, the importance of supporting local communities, and the passion that drives every cyclist.

In the heart of Cape Town, cSixx Components isn't just manufacturing bike parts; they're crafting stories, one bike at a time.

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