Addressing the Chainring Challenge

Solving compatibly issues in road and gravel biking with multiple offset options with our chainring solutions.  

We've listened to feedback about the limitations of frame designs that don't accommodate larger chainrings. It's a challenge that we've taken seriously, and we're excited to offer solutions that will make your cycling experience better than ever.

Versatile Chainrings

Our standard Road and gravel rings are designed for a 45mm Chainline on a standard BB. 

Using a wide format BB will give a 47.5mm Chainline.

We’re offering options on these, a Negative 3mm chainring, which would effectively convert a 45mm Chainline to a 48mm Chainline. And a Positive 3mm chainring which would effectively convert a 47.5mm Chainline down to a 44.5mm Chainline.

There are some interesting options you can run and are perfect for the numerous combos people are running such as “mullet” road Drivetrain setups as well as the Classified rear hub.

Challenges are refining chainline and bigger options

Practical Applications 

Classified Hub Users: For example, if you are running Classified’s new internal rear hub and would like a better chainline for spending more time at the top of the cassette, then the Positive 3mm chainring will work well.

Flat-out Events: If you need a larger chainring that won't interfere with your chainstay, our Negative 3mm chainring is your solution.

New Frame Owners: If you've recently upgraded to a frame with a wider backend, such as a 142mm hub spacing, our Negative 3mm chainring will help you adapt your older cranks seamlessly.

For Shimano Users

Our 110 Asymmetric chainring is specifically designed for Shimano’s line of cranks. These chainrings offer a refined look, especially when you're converting from a 2x to a 1x setup.

For SRAM Users

107 Spider Power Meter Rings: These are fully compatible with SRAM's Quarq DZero Power meter.

A further 107BCD model is available for SRAMS Rival Crankset using our specially shaped chainring nuts to again match up with your Crankset.

A full range of direct mount rings are available for SRAM’s cranks as well in the popular 3 bolt direct mount and newer 8 bolt mount.  These are available in 0mm, 3mm, 6mm offsets and 30t-60t giving you all the choice you need.

Bikes are changing. We keep riding them and adapt our component line up to modern standards.

Solving compatibility issues for Gravel and Road Bikes with multiple Offset options. 

Central to this launch is something you, the rider, have been waiting for—different offset chainrings to dial in your drivetrain. This isn't just engineering; it's freedom.

Freedom to alter your Chainline on your Gravel and Road bikes with ease and not worrying too much about frame interference.

Today's modern drivetrains can easily accommodate tweaking chainring offsets to optimize your chainlines exactly to your needs.

No more compromises, just more choices for your ride including older generation frames with more modern components.

“We're not just thrilled; we're committed to opening up the chainring options and having this versatility as a standard feature. This opens a world of possibilities for riders of all disciplines, allowing for larger chainrings than ever before,” says Mark. “So go ahead, take the road less traveled or speed down a familiar path; either way, this innovation is for you, the rider."

Product Highlights

Versatile Applications: Compatible with a broad spectrum of bikes, sizes, and disciplines.

- 110 Asymmetric Chainrings: Adding a new dimension of compatibility.

- Matching chainring Bolt Caps: Specifically shaped Caps to match up with your crank and designed to securely hold the chainrings in place, particularly useful for 2x cranksets converted to 1x.
- 107 Spider Power Meter Chainrings: Specifically geared towards SRAM’s 107 power meter users.
- 107BCD Generic Chainrings: Specifically geared towards SRAM’s 107 Rival crankset with specific chainring Bolt Caps to match.
- Sizes: Our range varies from 30T all the way up to 60T sizes depending on bolt patterns.
- T-type, Flattop, 12 speed as well as 11 and 10 speed compatible.
- Unique Mud release channels and specific tooth profiling to shed mud and aid in longer chainring life.

Tested by the Best

Our gravel guide and different Chainline options have been race-proven internationally by elite athletes such as Matt Beers, who competed using a 50T chainring with a negative 3mm offset on his Specialized Diverge STR gravel bike, recently winning the Race2TheSea in South Africa. He competes internationally on the gravel world circuit and has a couple of Cape Epic titles under his belt too.