Creating each and every cSixx chainring involves a 13 step, RAW to RAD process. We’ve outlined the 7 most important steps:

1 // Prepping the Raw Aluminium
Sourced from Europe, our premium raw 7075-T6 heat treated aluminium plates are prepped and rigged before securing them into position in the CNC machine.

2 // Making the Cut
Operations (known as Ops) refer to the workflow of software to hardware. A Chainrings unique design file is uploaded to the CNC, which gives it the information to perform each operation. Most Chainrings are created via two Ops, one that cuts out the front and the other that cuts out the back of the raw plate of aluminium. More complex products may need several Ops to machine.


3 // Tolerance Checks
Tolerance checks are religiously performed between Ops to maintain CNC calibration.

4 // Potent Polish
A thorough polish removes sharp edges or burrs and any other excess material left over from machining.

5 // Anodising
Things really get exciting when the bare aluminium chainrings head off for Anodising to decrease wear rate as well as making them look RAD !

7 // Laser Etching
Designs and cSixx logos are etched on with lasers … because lasers are awesome!


8 // Packaging
After a final quality check Chainrings are packaged, cataloged and queued, ready to be shipped to your LBS, and if there isn’t one nearby, direct your door.