We are pleased to announce the latest addition to the cSixx Products range:

a Stem that is not only of extended length but also offers more degree variations and multiple colour options.

Starting from 60mm length sizes and 0º, 7º or 17º degrees

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Basic feature points of a Stem:

A stem forms an integral part of your bicycle’s steering functionality. In plain words; The handlebar connects to the head tube which runs through your frames head tube and is connected to you fork which holds the front wheel.



Stems play a great deal in how your bike handles and how you control your bike. A shorter stem makes the steering more direct and a longer stem makes it more stable in a straight line but slower in quick handling. Length in stems greatly influences the fit of your bike. With different degree angles, you can either lift or drop the “front-end” of your bike making it more aero or comfortable and increasing handling abilities.

Modern mountain bikes feature longer top tubes and come with shorter stems in order to offer more precision handling whilst road and gravel bikes feature longer stems in order to stabilise straight line speed.

In Summary

The stem is a critical component of a bicycle, ensuring the rider can steer the bike while also influencing the bike's handling and the rider's position and comfort.

New XCO Stem for Mountain Bikes and Gravel Bikes, Shop Road Bike Stems

Our Story

Following the success of our Trail Stem, we have acknowledged the demand for a stem tailored to Cross Country Mountain biking and gravel-oriented cycling, suitable for road bicycles.

The stems will be available in three batches of pre-orders; 60-80mm, then 90-110mm and then the 35mm bar clamp versions.
We are conducting additional tests to ensure they adhere to the most recent industry standards and we need more time to test the 90mm+ lengths.


Degrees: 0°, 7° and 17° options. We are busy gathering feedback from bike fitters who’ve asked for 12° stems.

• Diameter: 31.8mm or 35mm(Only available later on)

• Sizes:

60mmto 80mm (Batch 1 – Pre Orders open early November)

90mmto 110mm (Batch 2 – Pre Orders open early December)

 We’ll be adding more sizes in 10mm increments as enquiries come through.

• Uniquely carved from a specifically extruded profile of 6082 Aluminum

• Designed and CNC’ed in Woodstock, South Africa

• Laser etched cSixx Logos

• Multiple Colour Options (Anodised,Raw or Cerakote)

• Designed and CNC’ed in Woodstock, South Africa by riders, for riders.

Pre-orders can be placed either with your local retailer or Cam at

Alternative queries and bulk orders can be sent to Cam here:

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