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Flat HandleBar - Carbon Fiber - 31.8mm and 35mm

Flat HandleBar - Carbon Fiber - 31.8mm and 35mm

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The cSixx Carbon Fiber Handlebar is a highly efficient handlebar crafted to provide exceptional comfort and control. We created this bar with every rider in mind. 

The handlebar weighs from 162gr, aiming for the optimum strength-to-weight ratio, creating a bar that can be trusted whilst out on the trails and in the elements.

It is hand-laid with over 80 pieces of precisely positioned pre-impregnated carbon fiber to ensure the highest quality and performance.

Handcrafted in South Africa: It has undergone rigorous testing to guarantee it meets more than the ISO's standards. 

Design Process:

Using state-of-the-art composite analysis tools in our machine and testing shop in Cape Town, we ensured that every ply placed into this bar is load bearing. Meaning, no weak "spots".  

Our Result: 

At 760mm wide for 188gr and 800mm wide for 195gr this handlebar is a work of art that meets TWICE that of the ISO Standards.  Our 760mm SL weighing in at 162gr with a weight limit of 85kg meets 1.7 that of the ISO standards.
Additionally! Might we add, the bar also features circumferential reinforcement on brake clamping areas which has been an issue for other bar manufacturers... What does this mean? In simple terms; you crash and your brake lever turns, you get up, turn your lever straight quickly and carry on riding. A few weeks/months even a year later, your bar just snaps for no particular reason! What? Yes, this is due to the micro cut that the lever enforced on the bar where it was clamped.  We have solved this with our circumferential reinforcement in the brake clamping area.

(Once your lever rotates around the bar in a crash, you simply bend it back... till now, you've never known if your bar has a crack or not in it. This is often why a handlebar just "snaps" for no reason.)


Each bar is hand-laid up in South Africa, using pre-impregnated carbon fiber. The bar then goes through a cure cycle, once cured it is de-molded, has our logo applied and sent over to our testing department. 
Each and every bar is then tested in-house on the cSixx test rig to validate and make sure it has been manufactured 100% correctly.


Handy cut lines to make sure you hit the sweet spot 1st time. 

Bar-stem measurement lines to get it perfectly centered and the optimal roll.

Tech Specs :

Width  760mm SL // 760mm // 800mm
Rise 0mm
Backsweep 10°
Weight 162gr // 188gr // 198gr
Bar Diameter 31.8 and 35mm
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