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Gravel 45 Rim

Gravel 45 Rim

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Gravel: 45’s

Get out there on the Gravel

With 12 years of experience in carbon wheels, we’ve poured our knowledge and technology into our new gravel series wheelsets.

Our wheels are crafted from the finest carbon materials available and feature a 45mm depth that offers optimal speed, compliance and stability on the dirt. 

Our Gravel Series rims are designed for 28 spokes, providing a balanced distribution of tension for increased strength and stability. The rim is also optimized for tubeless compatibility, so you can enjoy a smoother ride and reduced risk of flats whilst achieving optimal performance and comfort.

With a wide 25mm internal diameter, these 700c wheels offer the flexibility to accommodate 28c to 48c tire widths, allowing riders to optimize compliance, traction, and rolling speed across different surfaces. The 45mm rim depth delivers the perfect aspect ratio that reduces drag to keep speeds high as well as offer that all important compliance in the roughs.  This makes the Gravel 45's a top-performing choice for any drop bar riding experience. 

Whether you're a bike packing enthusiast looking for a strong and comfortable wheelset, or a competitive racer looking to set new records, pbs and challenge your own limits, our Gravel Series is the ideal wheelset to deliver the very best result in both scenarios.

Superior performance, durability, and versatility, the cSixx Gravel wheels are sure to enhance your riding experience, see more cycling locations and help you achieve your goals. 

The Gravel Series has been tested events such as the Swartberg100, Tanqua Kuru Gravel Stage race, Race 2 the Sun, Dirty South and bike packing excursions in the Netherlands with Killat Collective to name a few.

We advise a rider weight limit of 110kg, depending on the hub and spoke configuration.  

"cSixx have put together a no-compromise rim that can be railed on the most gnarliest of Gravel roads in the Southern hemisphere. Renowned for their long gravel highways in the Western Cape and heat waves, I’ve yet to find a wheelset that holds up like these.”

Tech Specs : 

 ID 25mm
Bead Hookless
Hole Count 28h
Depth 45mm
Weight 455g
ERD 551mm
Max Tire Pressure 90si


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