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XCO 9series Rim

XCO 9series Rim

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The Pro’s choice : Feather-weight and Fast

Wider internal width at 27mm. 
Lower Profile for a more comfortable ride. 
Thicker bead for better stiffness in corners and overall strength.

Amongst the lightest on the planet, the 9 Series XCO is our premium offering for cross-country racers.

Nothing accelerates faster or matches the agility of this rim.

This asymmetric profile with a 27mm inner rim width has a smooth and controlled ride feel.

Nothing on your mind but the holeshot and the win?
Look no further than the 9 Series XCO Rim.

Tire inserts are advised for aggressive riders

Tech Specs :

Material  9series Carbon
Size 29 Inch
Application Cross-country racing, Marathon
ID 27mm
Bead Hookless
Wall Thickness 4mm
Hole Count 28h / 32h
Depth 20mm
Asymmetric Profile Front Long side to Disc
Asymmetric Profile Rear Long side to Drive
ERD 600mm
Spoke Hole Offset 3mm
Weight 355 grams
Weight Limit 100 kg
Max Spoke Tension 130 kgf
Crash Replacement 2 Years
Warranty Lifetime


 Due to our new lower profile more compliant rims it is recommended to double check spoke tension after a tire has been fitted. 
There fit of various tires on the market vary drastically which has an effect on the rim and therefore spoke tension. 

We recommend using Rear Drive, 16mm, Brass nipples for durability, easy of use and overall best results. 

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